From over the top tablescapes and installations to simple elegance, Fresh Foraged Designs’ floral arrangements are highly customizable and perfect for all occasions. My name is Joshua Duclos-Rickard. Fresh Foraged has been delighting and impressing clients with their artistic designs since 2016.

When I combine my passion for growing flowers and art, I feel like I am truly doing what I was put here for. My designs have been called unique, artistically manicured, and one of a kind because of the love and care I pour into each and every piece.

From a young age, close friends and family knew I had a knack for the fine arts. I dabbled in painting, excelled in ceramic sculpture, but ultimately specialized in photography when I earned my degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011. As any artist knows, it can be difficult to find lucrative work you are truly passionate about. I felt sentenced to a lifetime of working in retail, while putting myself through more schooling to earn a certification as a Health Counselor.  While I learned so much valuable information as a Health Counselor, I knew deep down I was not being true to myself, and my creative mind desperately sought an outlet from the long days and nights of retail life. At the time, I had no idea the answer to my true career path was literally growing in my backyard.

Working with and arranging flowers seemed like it happened accidentally.

I took a part-time job in the flower department at Whole Foods Market while I was working my way to being a full-time Health Counselor. I quickly learned this was exactly what I needed to be doing with my life. I learned to grow quality flowers at home, and how to style them for weddings while working at Whole Foods Market.  Hindsight is 20/20, but the path I took to get to where I needed to be as a floral designer shaped so many other important aspects of my life.  I can’t imagine wanting to change anything that has happened. All I can say now is I’m on a path where I can be the creative person I am, while using a medium I’ve cherished since a young age.

Every wedding and/or event we take on is a true commitment of  love and perseverance. It is so important to me to truly understand what my client loves and appreciates in the way of flowers. Delivering that to them is my passion.

Keeping It Local

Fresh Foraged Design’s commitment to local flower farmers is evident in many of our locally grown bouquets. Whether its sweet peas, dahlias or bachelor buttons from Weatherlow Florals or foxglove, lisianthus or zinnia from Little State Flower Co. we know and appreciate our flower farms. We love supporting our local communities!